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- Left Hand Over Right
- Right Hand Raised
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Video: Kunzang Akor | Tibetan: kun bzang a bskor

The deity Kunzang Akor is the meditational form of Shenlha Okar. He is generally recognized by the Tibetan letter 'A' placed on the chest at the level of the heart. The two hands are generally placed in the lap and hold the stems of two flower blossoms supporting a yungdrung (svastika) on the right and a vase on the left. There are numerous traditions of ritual cycles and meditation practices for Kunzang Akor. It is also common to have a sculpture of Kunzang Akor created as a death memorial. In Tibetan Buddhism it is more common to have a painting created in memorium however in the Bon Religion creating a sculpture is more common and considered best.

The majority of identified Kunzang Akor sculpture can be dated to between the 14th and 16th centuries.

Characteristics & Attributes:
- 'A' Letter
- Yungdrung
- Vase
- Hand Gesture: Left Over Right

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