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Achala (Early Treasures)

Video: Achala & Fudo-myoo: Key Topics for a Comparison Study

Achala (Fudo-myoo) arises in its earliest form from the Mahavairochana Abhisambodhi sutra. He is a male wrathful deity with one face and two hands. The Himalayan and Japanese iconographic images of Achala originate from the same root source however the Himalayan forms of Achala are also derived from a long list of other source texts that are later than the Mahavairochana Abhisambodhi. A comparative study of the two culturally different traditions can be divided into iconography and art history. For the subject of iconography there are the topics of general appearance, posture, colour, ornaments and attributes. For religious context the considerations for comparison are region, date, style and popularity.

Jeff Watt 1-2022