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Longdol Lama (klong rdol, ngag dbang blo bzang 1719-1794) [TBRC P22]. Longdol Lama was an important Gelug teacher of the 18th century. Born in Kham and associated especially with the region of Litang he was known for his interests in pramanasamucchaya literature and creating an encyclopedia of technical terms from all of the disciplines of traditional Tibetan scholarships. In 1730 he received monastic ordination from Purbu Chog (phur bu lcog ngag dbang byams pa). In 1738 he began his formal studies at Litang (li thang) and in 1742 traveled to Central Tibet and entered Seraje College. In 1748 he received his final ordination again from Purbu Chog and Nubling Lobpon Pagpa Dondrub (nub gling slob dpon 'phags pa don grub). He was known as Longdol Lama (klong rdol bla ma) because of his long meditations at Nyetang Longdol Drubpug (snye thang klong rdol sgrub phug), a cave connected with Tsangpa Gyare (gtsang pa rgya ras ye shes rje). His collected works (gsung 'bum) are in 2 volumes. [Information based on TBRC website].

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