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Buddhist Deity: Vajrapani with Consort

Vajrapani, Physical Appearance

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Description (below)
- One Face
- Three Faces
- Others...

Names & Traditions:
- Krodha Guhyapati
- Mahachakra Vajrapani
- Dragdul Tro: HAR #8915 (Nyingma)
- Others...

The examples of a one faced, two armed, Vajrapani with a consort appear to be found in painting and primarily of Nyingma origin. A single example of Vajrapani with a consort from the lineage of Shakyashri Rakshita of the 'sarma' tradition can be found in the Rinjung Lhantab/Gyatsa. The most common form of Vajrapani with a consort is the Mahachakra with three faces and six hands. He also has a four armed iconographic form and a solitary form without a consort. The Dragdul Tro Vajrapani is also Nyingma but continued in the Gelug tradition of Tashi Lhunpo.

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Jeff Watt 9-2022

(The images below are only examples of a one fac, two armed, Vajrapani embracing a consort)