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Hats of the Himalayas (Religious)

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Video: Bird Hats of the Himalayas

A special hat associated with the Buddhist protector deity Mahakala has a raven at the top. This hat is found in Sakya, Kagyu and Nyingma ritual practices. The monarch of Bhutan (Drug Gyalpo) also wears a raven hat based on the special Mahakala hat.

The Lingtsang Gyalpo, King of the Lingtsang Clan from the Kham region of East Tibet and associated with the Gesar Epic, also wears a very colourful peacock bird hat that shimmers in green, blue and yellow.

Buddhist Bird Hats:
- Mahakala Ritual Hat (raven)
- Wangdu Nyingpo (raven)
- Lingtsang Gyalpo (peacock)
- Drug Gyalpo (raven)
- Others...

There are at least two figures which wear bird hats in painting HAR #200014. There are a number of figures which wear khyung horn hats/crowns. With the Bon religion, other hats made of conch shell, different substances and the elements are also worn.

Bon Bird Hats:
- Walse Ngampa Retinue (dbal g.sas rngam pa)
- Dur Se Lha Sung Retinue (dur g.sas lha srung)
- Others...

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