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Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara (Eleven Faces Early Works, Painting)

Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara (Eleven Faces Art History)

The examples below date from the 11th century through to the 16th century and cover a 500 year period. Some of the more interesting of the works are the earliest of the Western Himalayan, Tibetan and Xixia examples.

Video: Avalokiteshvara with Eleven Faces, Early Paintings

Study Topics:
- Variations in Iconography
- Variations in Style
- Secondary Iconographic Programs
- Additional Figures
- Lineage Teacher Program
- Additional Teachers

Western Himalayan (Alchi): HAR #99603
Tibetan (Indian Style): HAR #101329
Xixia (Tangut): HAR #18109, 18160

Jeff Watt 5-2023