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Important Figures in Medicine:
- Traba Ngonshe
- Lhaje Gewabum
- Yutog Yontan Gonpo
- Tangtong Gyalpo
- Desi Sanggye Gyatso
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The medical tradition of Tibet draws its inspiration from Medicine Guru, the buddha of healing. Various protectors are associated with the Four Medical Tantras (discovered as Revealed Treasure, 'ter ma') and are often represented along with paintings of the Blue Beryl medical diagrams.

Jeff Watt 12-1999 [updated 1-2019]

84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha. Toh 1-6. The Chapter on Medicines, འདུལ་བ་གཞི་ལས། སྨན་གྱི་གཞི། ’dul ba gzhi las/ sman gyi gzhi. “The Chapter on Medicines” from The Chapters on Monastic Discipline. Vinaya­vastuni Bhaiṣajya­vastu.

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