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Buddhist Deity: Vairochana (Tattvasamgraha Tantra)

Tattvasamgraha Tantra

Subjects, Topics & Types:
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- Vairochana
--- Four faces, two hands (Vajradhatu Mandala)
--- Four faces, eight hands (Trailokyavijaya Mandala)
- Supreme Enlightenment Gesture
- Mount Meru & the Four Continents
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- Confusions
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Vairochana Buddha as a central image for painting is primarily drawn from the Vairochana Abhisambodhi (Charya), Tattvasamgraha (Yoga), and Sarvadurgati Parishodhana Tantras (Yoga). The first of these belongs to the Charya Tantra Classification and the second two belong to the Yoga Tantra Classification.

Tattvasamgraha Tantra:
Sarva tathagata tattvasamgraha nama mahayana sutra [Toh 479].

In the Tattvasamgraha Tantra there are two forms described. The first has four face and two hands and the second has four faces and eight hands. "... in the middle of a lion throne , above a lotus and moon is Bhagavan Vairochana, with a body white in colour, seated in vajra posture. The two hands are in the gesture of supreme enlightenment - holding a five pointed vajra of the tatagatas, with a backrest [torana] of the rays of the sun, wearing upper and lower heavenly garments, and a jewelled crown. Having four faces, the front looks to the East." (rgyud sde kun btus, volume 4, page 69).

Five Buddhas: Charya & Yoga Tantras:
1. Vairochana | 2. Amitabha | 3. Akshobhya | 4. Ratnasambhava | 5. Amoghasiddhi

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