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Buddhist Deity: Vairochana (Abhisambodhi Tantra)

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One Hundred & Twenty-two Deity (122) Abhisambodhi Vairochana Mandala.
Sanskrit: Maha vairocana abhisambodhi vikurvita adhishtana vaipulya sutrendra raja nama dharma paryaya).

The Vairochana Abhisambodhi Tantra does not present a Five Buddha system as found in the Yoga and Anuttarayoga classifications of complex mandalas.

"...Bhagavan Great Vairochana, seated above a white lotus and moon, hair piled on the top of the head, with a crown, upper and lower garments, golden in colour. The two hands perform the gesture of meditation, adorned with all the complete marks on the body." (rgyud sde kun btus, volume 3, page 6).

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