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Painting Set: Indian Adepts (Khyenri I)

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This painting depicting three of the Eighty-four Mahasiddha of the Vajrasana system is the only known survivor out of a set of twenty-nine paintings. Three other sets in identical composition and style are known to exist along with one set in the Abhayadatta Shri system. Of the other three remaining Vajrasana sets one set now only comprised of two paintings is in the USA and another in Japan with an unknown number of paintings. The fourth set is in the National Gallery in Prague. They have four paintings. The only known Kyenri style Abhayadatta Shri set is housed in Sera Monastery, Tibet (TAR). The Sera set is missing one painting, #27 in the series. From the three Vajrasana sets alone, without knowing the number of the Japanese set, there are over eighty-one paintings currently unaccounted for.