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Sotheby's auction house has kindly agreed to allow Himalayan Art Resources website access to some of their extensive collection of images for educational use on the HAR website.

Jeff Watt 9-2015

- London, October 2023: Painting & Sculpture
- New York, September 2023: Painting, Sculpture
- Paris, June 2023: Sculpture
- New York, March 2023: Painting, Sculpture
- New York, September 2022: Painting & Sculpture
- Hong Kong, May 2021: Sculpture
- New York, September 2020: Painting & Sculpture
- New York, September 2019: Sculpture & Textile
- New York, March 2019: Painting & Sculpture, Saturday Auction
- New York, March 2018: Painting, Sculpture, Richard R. & Magdalena Ernst Collection of Himalayan Art
- Hong Kong, October 2017: Sculpture & Painting
- New York, March 2017: Painting, Sculpture
- New York, March 16 & 19, 2016: Painting, Sculpture
- New York, September 16, 2015: Painting, Sculpture
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