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Collection: Bonhams London (Buddhas)

Bonhams London (Buddhas) | Buddha & Buddha Appearance Main Page | Bonhams London (Painting. Spring, 2017)

Only three of the compositions below belong to painting sets: HAR #2171, 2172, 2198. HAR #2198 is Ratnagni Buddha and belongs to a thirty-five painting set depicting the Thirty-five Confession Buddhas. The first two numbers above depict stories from the life and former lives of Shakyamuni Buddha and his more important students (Avadana Tales). Again, all the remaining composition save for two depict Shakyamuni Buddha with various teachers, students or deities as secondary figures.

Two compositions depict Amitabha Buddha: HAR #2217, 2219.

Jeff Watt 3-2017