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Artist: Sonam Gyaltsen & Atelier (Vaishravana Set)

Vaishravana Set | Sonam Gyaltsen & Atelier | Vaishravana Riding a Lion

The Eight Horsemen Retinue Figures:
- Manibhadra holding a jewel: HAR #13672
- Atavaka holding a lance
- Samjneya holding a curved sword
- Panchika holding a palace
- Purnabhadra holding a vase: HAR #87138
- Kubera (wearing a makara hat) holding a sword
- Jambhala holding a jewel
- Bijakundalin (with the back turned) holding a sword

This set of sculpture has nine pieces with Vaishravana Riding a Lion as the central figure. He is accompanied by the Eight Horsemen. There are at least two slightly different iconographic descriptions of how the eight horsemen appear in art. Currently there are only three pieces known from the set. (See depictions of the Eight Horsemen).

Jeff Watt 3-2019