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Subject: Masterworks (Miscellaneous Topics, 多種科目)

Miscellaneous Topics | Masterworks Main Page, 大师之作主页, རྩེ་ཕུད་རི་མོའི་སྒྱུ་རྩལ།

Subject Sets & Types :
- Bhutan Region (paintings & textiles), 不丹地区(绘画和纺织品)
- Black Ground Painting, 黑色背景的绘画
- Bon Painting, 苯教绘画
- Bon Sculpture, 苯教雕塑
- Cityscape Paintings, 城市景观绘画
- Gold Ground Painting, 金色背景的绘画
- Kila 'Purba', 普巴金刚
- Margapala Lineage, 道果传承
- Ngor Tradition, 俄巴传统
- Red Ground Painting, 红色背景的绘画
- Repeated Figures Composition, 重复人物构图

- Others...

Jeff Watt [updated 5-2019]

(The images below are only a selection of examples from the links above).