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- Francoise Pommaret: 136 photographs highlighting the art from the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

- Michael Henss Photographic Archive: thousands of images of Central Tibet locations, murals, scroll works, sculpture and architecture.

- Kham Aid Foundation: A collection of 56 photographs of endangered murals from various monasteries in Kham, Eastern Tibet.

- Ligmincha Institute: 105 photographs of sacred art works from Bon monasteries in Eastern Tibet and India.

- Rob Linrothe: 33 photographs of unique paintings from the Rebkong region of Eastern Tibet (Qinghai Province, China).

- Ariana Maki: images of Bhutan.

- Shechen Archives: 222 photographs of various paintings and portraits from Tibet and Nepal.

- SRG Photo Archive: miscellaneous photos of art and site locations.

- Sheier-Dolberg: 6 photographs of murals from Pewar Monastery in Kham, Tibet. See also: The Murals of Baiya Monastery by Jonathan S. Bell.

- Other Photographic Archives....

Jeff Watt [updated 7-2018]