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Item: Padmasambhava - Pure Land (Copper Coloured Mountain)

པད་མ་འབྱུང་གནས། 莲花生大士
(item no. 111)
Origin Location Tibet
Date Range 1800 - 1899
Lineages Nyingma
Size 89.54x57.79cm (35.25x22.75in)
Material Ground Mineral Pigment on Cotton
Collection Rubin Museum of Art
Catalogue # acc.# F1997.8.2
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Interpretation / Description

Padmasambhava (Tibetan: pe ma jung ne) residing in the three-tiered palace on the Copper-coloured Mountain. In the main chamber are the 25 principle disciples. To the left and right of that are the deities Hayagriva and Guru Drakpo.

The Copper Coloured Mountain of Padmasambhava according to a dream of Chogyur Lingpa.

Jeff Watt 9-2000

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Subject: Sacred Geography Main Page
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