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པར་ཤིང་སྣང་བརྙན། སྣ་ཚོགས། 版画 (多种)
(item no. 36415)
Origin Location China
Date Range 1960 -
Lineages Buddhist
Material Ground Mineral Pigment
Collection Private
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Object/Concept

Interpretation / Description

Human Skin with Painting on the surface.

Several human skin paintings appeared in the Qinghai area of China in the mid 1990s. These paintings are newly painted but were intended to appear old. The artist is well known in the area. Unfortunately these skin paintings have led to to the mistaken belief that they are old and in some way traditional.

Paintings of this type can be either classified as new or as outright fake.

Jeff Watt 4-2016

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