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Item: Takkiraja (Buddhist Deity) - (Solitary)

འདོད་རྒྱལ། ནང་ལྷ། 欲帝明王
(item no. 36430)
Origin Location Tibet
Date Range 1500 - 1599
Lineages Sakya, Ngor (Sakya) and Buddhist
Material Ground Mineral Pigment on Cotton
Collection John and Berthe Ford
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Appearance: Semi-Peaceful

Gender: Male

Interpretation / Description

Takkiraja, 'The King of Desire' from a set of paintings depicting either the Three Great Red Ones or the Thirteen Golden Dharmas of the Sakya Tradition.

"...Mahakrodha Takkiraja with a body red in colour, like ruby, blazing with light like the disc of the sun. With one face, two hands and three eyes, the right holds aloft a hook to gather in the Three Realms, the left holds a noose to the heart in a wrathful gesture. Standing in a manner with the right leg drawn in and the left extended; having long hair tied in a top knot, adorned with jewels and snakes and wearing a red silk upper garment and various silks as a lower garment, in the lap is the mother, Sukha Bharati. With a body red in colour, one face, two hands and three eyes, the right is holding aloft a hook and the left holds a nectar filled vase and embraces the Father. The right foot is extended and the left in the manner of embracing the Father; adorned with jewel ornaments and a wearing a red silk upper garment and various silk lower garments. Both the Father and Mother stand in the middle of a blazing fire of pristine awareness." [Written by Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub (1497-1557). sGrub Thabs Kun bTus, vol.8, folios 587-607. Translated September 1985].

At the top left is a blue deity, unidentified, standing in a similar posture to to the central main figure of Takkiraja. At the top right is a figure, red in colour, with the two hands folded in the 'vajra embracing' gesture at the heart, hands empty of attributes. This figure is very possibly representing Sukha Bharati the consort of Takkiraja.

At the lower left is a solitary donor figure wearing monastic robes. On the right side is Panjarnata Mahakala.

No other compositions from this painting set are currently identified.

Jeff Watt 5-2016

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