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Item: Item No. 7524

དབུས་ཀྱི་སྣང་བརྙན་གང་རུང་། 任何中心人物
(item no. 7524)
Lineages Buddhist
Material Wood
Collection Private
Interpretation / Description

Protective Box for the Red Sandalwood Achala.

This red Sandalwood statue of Acalanata in standing posture is known as the Namikiri Fudo (Wave-cutting Fudo). It is said to be carved by Koubou Daishi Kukai. Legend says that on his boat trip back to Japan from China, in the year 806, he prayed to this statue to save the boat from flipping upside-down during an intense sea storm which saved not only lives but many ritual objects and texts.

Now it belongs to Nanin Temple of Mount Koya and is enclosed within a box, away from the publics’ eyes, as a hibutsu (secret deity). The statue is revealed once a year on June 28th, as the number 28 is associated with Acala in Japanese astrology and June being the auspicious month of Kukai’s birth.

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