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Item: Teacher (Lama) - (unidentified, male, monastic)

བླ་མ། 喇嘛
(item no. 8908)
Origin Location Tibet
Date Range 1500 - 1599
Lineages Kagyu, Gelug and Buddhist
Material Ground Mineral Pigment on Cotton
Collection Private
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Person

Appearance: Monastic

Gender: Male

Interpretation / Description

Teacher, unidentified along with the Eighty-four Mahasiddhas according to the system of Abhayakara Gupta (Abhayadatta).

The central figure sits facing forward with the arms extended across the knees holding a sting of mala beads. Wearing orange and red monastic attire, a pandita hat, and seated in vajra posture atop a decorative throne.

On the proper right side of the central figure are two teachers, both in monastic robes. The upper figure appears to be Pagmodrubpa with a small yellow cap. The figure below wears a hat similar to Jigten Sumgon. On the left side the upper figure is wearing a black hat. The lower figure wears a yellow hat with a pointed tip similar to the Gelug style.

At the top center is Vajradhara Buddha, blue in colour, with two standing attendants. In the lower register at the right and left sides are the two wealth deities Yellow Jambhala and Black Jambhala. At the bottom right and left corners are standing monastic figures. The bottom register is filled with various offering objects.

Iconographic Elements:
- Large central figure (middle)
- Four Tibetan teachers (middle right & left)
- Vajradhara & retinue (top center)
- Eighty-four Mahasiddhas (surrounding registers)
- Yellow & Black Jambhala (lower register)
- Two Tibetan teachers (lower register, proper right side)
- Symbolic offerings (bottom register)

Jeff Watt 8-2019

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