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Subject: Prayer Beads (Iconography)

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Deities depicted with a Mala:
- Amoghapasha
- Avalokiteshvara
- Brahmanarupa Mahakala
- Chaturmukha Mahakala
- Maitreya
- Prajnaparamita
- Shadbhuja Mahakala
- Shiva
- Others...

Persons Depicted with a Mala:
- Hvashang
- Kache Gonpawa
- Nyangral Nyima Ozer
- Shangton Chobar (Teacher)
- Wangdu Nyingpo (Teacher)
- Others...

The mala (prayer beads) are found throughout painting and sculpture as an attribute for a teacher or deity. They are also found together with miscellaneous ritual objects.

Jeff Watt 7-2013

(The images below are only a small selection of teachers and deities that hold a mala, or are associated with the mala).