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Item: Medicine Buddha

སངས་རྒྱས་སྨན་ལྷ། 药师佛
(item no. 99129)
Origin Location Tibet
Date Range 1700 - 1799
Lineages Gelug and Buddhist
Material Ground Mineral Pigment on Cotton
Collection Private
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Interpretation / Description

Medicine Buddha with the surrounding figures representing the lineage descending through Terdag Lingpa gyurme Dorje and the 5th Dalai Lama. The deity Hayagriva and accompanying protector figures of the Yutog Nyingtig cycle of teachings discovered by Draba Ngongshe in the 11th century.

Jeff Watt, 9-2010

Front of Painting
English Translation of Inscription: [Name inscriptions for each figure]

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