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Mahakala: Shanglon (minor figure)

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The protector deity Shanglon Dorje Dudul is commonly found as a minor figure in paintings of Medicine Buddha after the 17th century and after the promotion of the protector by the Desi Sanggye Gyatso. Shanglon is not found depicted in earlier paintings of Medicine Buddha and (so far) not generally found in any paintings.

It is possible that the popularity of Shanglon began with, and is based upon, the protectors inclusion in the Rinjung Gyatsa initiation text of Taranata (circa 1600). Shanglon Dorje Dudul - Outer Accomplishment - is depicted in each of the Medicine Buddha compositions exhibited below. Sometimes he is alone and in other compositions he is accompanied by the consort and four retinue deities.

There are two paintings where both forms of Sganglon are depicted in the compsition: #100623, #99129