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Buddhist Protector: Shanglon, Outer

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The Five Retinue Figures are:
1. Consort: Dorje Dundrubma (left side)
2. East: Norlha Karpo - Jambhala (white)
3. South: Gonpo Nagpo - Mahakala (blue)
4. West: Trogne Marpo - Yaksha Pancha (red)
5. North: Namse Jangku - Vaishravana (green)

Shanglon Dorje Dudul - Outer Accomplishment: "...Yaksha Dorje Dudul holds a precious jewel in the right hand and in the left a golden vase filled with gems. His body colour is black, fierce and dynamic, with three eyes, bared fangs and a gaping mouth. The hair on the head, brownish-black in colour, eyebrows and moustache flows upward. He wears black silks, a heavy cloak and felt boots, a jeweled crown and gold belt, together with a necklace of human heads and adorned with various ornaments. He is seated in the middle of a mass of blazing fire in a relaxed posture."

"At his left side is Dorje Dundrubma with a body blue in colour holding in the right hand food for the Master. The left hand holds a bag of disease. She wears white silks, has a necklace of heads and her orange hair hangs down." (Rinjung Gyatsa, folio 724-726. Jonang Taranata).

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