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There are two different forms for the Secret Accomplishment Shanglon. The first has one face and six arms and the second has three faces and six arms.

"...with a body blue-black in colour, three faces, black, white and red, bared fangs and hair flowing upward. With six hands the right three hold a trident, club and sword; the left three a skullcup, lasso and hook. [He] stands with the right leg extended pressing down on enemies and hindrances, dressed in an upper cloak of black silk, wearing felt boots, a jeweled crown, gold belt, together with a necklace of human heads, adorned with various ornaments, standing in a playful manner in the middle of a blazing heap of fire." (Jonang Taranata Collected Works, volume 15, page 728).

Jeff Watt [updated 8-2017]