Styles of Painting

cover Karma Encampment (New)
(Karma Gadri painting style) influenced by Situ Panchen Chokyi Jungne in the 18th century.

cover Karma Encampment (Old)
early examples of the Karma Gadri style.


cover Khyenri Style
the elaborate painting style of Khyentse Chenmo.

cover Menri Style (New)
a painting style that flourished throughout Tibet and the adjoining regions.


cover Menri Style (Old)
early samples of this important painting style.

cover Southern (Nepal Style)
the Balri style of Tibetan painting was influenced by Newari artists from the Kathmandu Valley.


cover Rebkong Style
a famous school of painting from a small village in Amdo.

cover Taglung Style
named after a branch school of the Kagyu tradition these paintings are both colourful and intricate.