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Buddhist Worldly Protector: Vaishravana, Green

Vaishravana Iconography

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Description (below)
- Vaishravana with the Four Guardian Kings
- Green with a gold stick: #19053, #40492
- Green, riding a lion: #40502
- Green, riding a blue dragon: (Upper left corner for both paintings)
- Drozang Lineage
- Zangskar Lotsawa
- Confusions: Jambala, Kubera
- Others...

Video: Green Vaishravana

When Vaishravana is depicted within the group of the Four Guardian Kings he can also appear at times green in colour depending on the artist and painting style.

The green form of Vaishravana Riding a Dragon appears to be the same as the red Vaishravana which also rides atop a dragon. There are likely to be differences in the various hand attributes. (See examples).

Vaishravana, Green-Yellow Holding a Staff:
In the appearance of a king, green in colour, Vaishravana has one face and two hands. The right hand holds a jeweled tipped staff at the heart and the left holds a jewel spitting mongoose. Wearing a crown, earrings and lavish attire, he sits in a relaxed posture atop a moon disc, multi-coloured lotus and throne. At the left side is the consort, Padma Chud, red with one face and two hands, holding a jewel and a vase, having a hood of seven snakes and the lower body of a naga serpent.

Lineage of Teachers: Vajradhara, Vajrapani, Chodze Chokyi Dorje, Kuntu Zangpo, Drozang Nyingpo, Rinchen Dorje, Khache Gonpa, Zangskhar Lotsawa, Yorpo Joton, Sonam Rinchen, Jepupa, Lhaje Dorzang, Jampa Lotsawa, Sonam Wangchug, Sonam Sengge, Sengge Tsenchen, etc.

Alternate Lineage of Teachers: Vajrapani, Kamarupa, Karnapa, Drozang Rinchen Dorje, Brahmin Sajnyena, Zijilha, Pagpa Sherab, Shuton Kyab, Dragpa Sengge, Gyaton Drubpapo, Drubchog Dorje Pal, Rinpoche, Lama Sengge Shab, etc.

Jeff Watt, 2-2024

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