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Buddhist Worldly Protector: Vaishravana (List)

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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Vaishravana Various Types Description
- Masterworks
- Confusions
- Others...

Foundational & Mahayana Buddhist Context:
- Vaishravana with other Kings at a temple entrance (sculpture or painting)
- Vaishravana, Guardian King of the North with Shakyamuni, Arhats & other three Kings

Vajrayana Context:
- Vaishravana Riding a Lion (Eight Horsemen)
- Black, riding a blue horse
- Blue (Treasure Tradition)
- Blue, wrathful with Eight Nagas
- Green with a gold stick
- Green, riding a lion
- Red, riding a dragon
- Red, riding a horse
- Red, riding a lion
- Red with Sixteen Nagas
- White, riding a lion
- Padmasambhava as Vaishravana
- Rinjung Lhantab Types & Forms
- Others....

- Vaishravana & the other three Kings included in a Tantric Mandala (Medicine Buddha, Pancha Raksha, Tara)

Jeff Watt [updated 2-2019]