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Buddhist Deity: Akshobhya (Anuttarayoga, Secondary & Related Figures)

Akshobhhya Iconography | Akshobhya Religious Context

Anuttarayoga Tantra Literature:

Anuttarayoga has two categories of Akshobhya Buddha. The first is where he appears as a secondary figure in the eastern or sometimes western direction of a mandala. The second category of figure is where Akshobhya is related to or is represented by the central figure of the mandala, such as Hevajra, Chakrasamvara or Mahakala.

Secondary Figure: (in the East or West only)
45. Lokeshvara Guhyasamaja 19 Deity Mandala
89. Jinasagara Mahakarunika 9 Deity Mandala
91. Amitayus (Siddharajnyi) 33 Deity Mandala
111. Vajradhatu 37 Deity Mandala
130. Chintamani Jagaddamara Mandala
135. Mahakarunika (Lakshmi) 5 Deity Mandala

Primary Figure Related: (Central Figure of a Mandala)
42. Akshobhyavajra Guhyasamaja 32 Deity Mandala #1
43. Akshobhyavajra Guhyasamaja 32 Deity Mandala #2
44. Manjuvajra Guhyasamaja 19 Deity Mandala
- Chakrasamvara & Vajrayogini Mandalas
- Hevajra & Nairatmya Mandalas
- Vajrabhairava Mandalas
- Yamari Mandalas
- Vajrasattva Mandalas
- Mahakala Mandalas
- Kalachakra Mandalas
- Others...

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