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Publication: Tibetan Mandalas of the Tantra-Samuccaya

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Tibetan Mandalas (Vajravali and Tantra-Samuccaya)
Prof. Dr. Raghu Vira and Prof. Dr. Lokesh Chandra
International Academy of Indian Culture. New Delhi, India, 1995. Sata-Pitaka Series, Indo-Asian Literatures, Volume 383.

Contents List

All Mandalas | Kriya Tantra | Charya Tantra | Yoga Tantra | Anuttarayoga Tantra | Cycle of Precepts |

The Ultimate Union Tantra (anuttarayoga) is divided into three subsets based on emphasis of tantric practice:

Method (Father) Tantra | Wisdom (Mother) Tantra | Non-dual Tantra