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Subject: Tantra Set, Non-dual (Ultimate Union)

Yoganiruttara, Anuttarayoga Tantra

Non-dual Tantra:
- Hevajra
- Kalachakra
- Mahakala
- Nairatmya
- Samputa Vajrasattva
- Vajrakila
- Mahakala
- Others...

The Ultimate Union Tantra (Yoganiruttara, anuttarayoga) is divided into three subsets based on emphasis of tantric practice:

There are minor differences between some of the schools and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. The Sakya and many branch schools include Hevajra, Kalachakra, Mahakala, Vajrakila and several other tantras as Non-dual. The Gelug do not generally have a Non-dual Tantra and prefer the term 'Alternate' and include the Kalachakra Tantra under that 'Alternate' category. Some traditions treat the Manjushri Namasangiti Tantra, which is generally categorized as Yoga, as Yoganiruttara. Many of these differences relate to what type of explanation and emphasis is given to these tantras. If the Hevajra Tantra is explained as a Wisdom Tantra then it can be categorized that way. If it is being explained as a Non-dual tantra then it can also be categorized as non-dual. Variations and differences also occur in the three lower tantras and are not just limited to the Yoganiruttara Tantras.

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