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Painting Set: Shakyamuni Buddha Life-Story (Palpung)

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This complete set of five paintings depicting the life story of Shakyamuni Buddha is very unique in late Tibetan art because of its selection of narratives stories that the artist has chosen to highlight.

The stories and the over-all composition depicted differs greatly from the standard traditional painted accounts of Shakyamuni Buddha which are primarily focused on the Twelve Deeds of the Buddha with each of the twelve having equal importance and representation in the composition(s).

The central composition of this particular set depicts Shakyamuni Turning the Wheel of Dharma in Sarnath.

The style of painting, drawing and colour follows very closely with other compositions commissioned in association with Palpung Monastery in East Tibet (Dege, Kham province) in the 18th and 19th century.

The details images are masterfully done and require some knowledge of the Buddha's life story to be able to understand and navigate in following the narrative as imagined by the very skilled master artist that created this painting set.

Paintings: (see Outline Page)
- Turning the Wheel of Dharma (Center)
- Prochecy & Birth (Right first)
- Youth, Excelling in Sports (left first)
- Austerities, Defeating Mara (Right second)
- Fifteen Days of Miracles at Shravasti & Death (left second)

Jeff Watt 3-2012