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- Jonang Puntsokling Monastery: The Life of the Buddha

Twelve Deeds:
1. Descent from Tushita Heaven (dga' ldan gyi gnas nas 'pho ba).
2. Entering the mother's womb (lhums su zhugs pa).
3. Taking birth in Lumbini (sku bltams pa).
4. Becoming skilled in worldly arts (bzo yi gnas la mkhas pa).
5. Enjoying the company of royal consorts (btsun mo'i 'khor dgyes rol ba).
6. Adopting renunciation & becoming ordained (rab tu byung ba).
7. Practicing austerities for six years (dka' ba spyad pa).
8. Proceeding to the foot of the bodhi tree (byang chub snying por gshegs pa).
9. Overcoming Mara's hosts (bdud btul ba).
10. Becoming fully enlightened (mngon par rdzogs par sangs rgyas pa).
11. Turning the Wheel of Dharma (chos kyi 'khor lo bskor ba).
- a. Display of Miracles
- b. Lotus Sutra Narrative
- c. Descent from the Tushita Heaven
- d. Miracles at Shravasti
12. Passing into mahaparinirvana (mya ngan las 'das pa).

Painting & Block Print Sets:
- Life Story in a Single Composition
- Two Painting Set #1
- Two Painting Set #2
- Two Painting Set #3
- Dege Block Print Set of 9
- Tibet House, New Delhi, Set of 9
- Tibet Museum, Lhasa, Set (8 of 9)
- Mongolian Set (8 of 9)
- Guimet Musee Set (5 of 9)
- Choying Dorje Set of 9
- Pema Rinzin Set of 6
- Private (Belgium)
- Orange Set
- Rubin/Rock Mountain
- Others...

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