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Buddhist Deity: Medicine Buddha Mandala

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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Description (below)
1. Central Figure:
--- Medicine Buddha
--- Book (Prajnaparamita)
2. Shape:
--- Round Format
--- Square Format
--- Blue Beryl (Square)
3. Mandala Configuration:
--- 9 Deity
--- 51 Deity
--- 53 Deity
- Confusions: Prajnaparamita
- Others...

- Medicine Buddha Mandalas
- The Subject of Mandalas
- The Five Buddhas & Mandalas

The main study topics for Medicine Buddha mandalas are 1. central figure, 2. shape of the mandala and 3. the number of deities in the mandala.

Square mandalas are generally mandalas that are depicted by an artist with only the four sided palace and the deities within. The outer rings of the lotus, vajras and surrounding flames are omitted. The Medicine Buddha and Vaishravana Riding a Lion are the two most common examples of mandalas that are commonly depicted with only the deities and the celestial palace.

Jeff Watt [updated 1-2022]