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Buddhist Deity: Garuda, Multi-coloured

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Types & Traditions:
- Kalachakra Tantra Tradition
- Sakya Thirteen Golden Dharmas Tradition
- Others...

There is a difference between the Kalachakra tradition and the Sakya tradition Shabala Garuda. The Kalachakra depicts Garuda as biting down on a naga serpent which is held in both hands. The special Sakya tradition of the Thirteen Golden Dharmas depicts Shabala as holding up with the right hand a wish-fulfilling jewel and the left hand in a wrathful gesture at the heart. It is not historically clear when this variation developed or which version is the original.

Lineage of Teachers: Vajradhara, Chogyal Dawa Zangpo, Jampal Dragpa, Padma Karpo, Kalachakrapada Senior and Junior, Tilopa, Naropa, the Pamting Brothers, Mal Lotsawa Lodro Dragpa, Jetsun Tsewa Chenpo (Sachen Kunga Nyingpo 1092-1158), etc. (Drub Tab Kun Tu.Volume 8, folio 155).

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