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Tibet: Sakya Monastery & Town

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Subjects & Topics:
- Pillars of the Main Lhakang Chenmo Temple (SRG Archive)
- Sakya Town (see images below)
- Manjushri Cave (SRG Archive) (North Monastery)
- Manjushri Lhakang (SRG Archive) (In the Drolma Lhakang, Sakya Town)
- Ushnishavijaya Stupa (SRG Archive) (North Monastery)
- Sakya Town Cityscape Murals (SRG Archive) (Lhakang Chenmo, South Monastery)
- Protector Temple (SRG Archive) (Lhakang Chenmo, South Monastery)
- Kau Drag Dzong (SRG Archive) (Retreat Center)
- Leigh Miller Archive: Sakya
- Sarah Richardson Archive Archive: Sakya
- Sakya Town: All Images (SRG Archive)
- Drolma Podrang Stupa Room (A. Maki Archive) (Lhakang Chenmo, South Monastery)
- Drolma Podrang Stupa Room (SRG Archive) (Lhakang Chenmo, South Monastery)
- Puntsog Podrang Stupa Room (SRG Archive) (Lhakang Chenmo, South Monastery)
- Bamo Lhakang (Lhakang Chenmo, South Monastery)
- Mandala Roof Balcony (Lhakang Chenmo, South Monastery)
- Lhakang Chenmo Main Temple (Lhakang Chenmo, South Monastery)
- Temple Pillars (Lhakang Chenmo, South Monastery)

The images below are only external shots of buildings and temples to provide an overall context. For art images please select a more specific topic listed above or see All Images. (Images below courtesy of SRG Archive).

Jeff Watt [updated 7-2018]

Sakya Monastery. China's Tibet. Dramdul & De Ji Droma. Published, 2008. (Book Review Video).