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HAR: Custom Pages (Examples)

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Custom Pages have been created to help explore and study the field of Himalayan and Tibetan art. These pages can appear as comparisons between two or three images, a study of tracing, or even the re-construction of painting sets.

Examples of Custom Pages with a Common Theme:

How to Identify a Deity Image:
What is gender?
What is mood?
What are the colours?
What is body configuration?
What are the postures?
What are gestures & hand attributes?

Examples of Individual Custom Pages

Hevajra Mandala Exploration

Mandala Resource Page

Painting Sets Resource Page

Mahakala Resource Page

Shri Devi Resource Page

Lamdre Field of Accumulation

Deity & Landscape De-construction

Five System of Twenty-one Taras

Forms of Arapachana Manjushri

Prajnaparamita Block Print Text: Images

Religious System of Tibet, Mongolia & the Himalayan Regions


Vajradhara Comparison

Milarepa Comparison Images

Four Milarepa Paintings

Milarepa and Rhino Horn Sculpture Comparison

Varahi Body Proportions Comparison

Situ Panchen Chokyi Jungne

Karmapa 13th, Dudul Dorje

Iconographic Schematics:

Arapachana Manjushri Schematic

Kurukulla Schematic

Ushnishavijaya Schematic

Nilambara Vajrapani Schematic

Shakyamuni Buddha Schematic

Simhanada Lokeshvara Schematic

Je Tsongkapa Schematic