Himalayan Art Resources

HAR Special Features & Tools

Himalayan Art Resources (HAR) is a fully curated art collection with over 35,000 images drawn from public and private holdings around the world. The images (objects) are identified according to subject, medium, region, date, ethnicity, religion, set affiliation, inscription, contextual relationships and more. The site has several hundred thousand words of description, documentation and explanation, and is encyclopedic in breadth. A unique feature of the site is the extensive contextualization of single images with a wealth of related material in the database supported by the indices, glossaries, outline and custom pages on the site. Furthermore there are embedded biographies & histories, lineage lists, chronologies, Tibetan & Sanskrit audio files, Tibetan and Sanskrit language files, along with links (TBRC) to biographical & text records.

The Five Most Powerful Tools (Outline):
- Indices (10 choices)
- Glossaries (9 choices)
- Bibliographies (7 choices)
- Links (Geographic & Subject, thousands of choices)
- Search (keyword, or powerful advanced selection search engine)

The Five Special Features:
- News Page: reporting regular updates & changes to the site.
- Maps, interactive: a growing library of interactive, linked, navigational maps.
- Outline Pages: over 250 Outlines covering the most important subjects in the field.
- Masterworks Pages: an aesthetic (subjective) selection of the very best works of art on the site according to the HAR Team.
- Greyscaling, Numbering, Colouring: tools to decode complex meanings, explain mandalas, identify lineages, & individual figures in the paintings.

Art Sets - Painting & Sculpture: half or more of all Himalayan and Tibetan style art is created in large compositions of multiple objects - sets.
- Painting Sets: Index/Glossary
- Painting Sets Indicator Images
- Painting Set re-constructions
- Number Sets & Lists (related to Painting Sets)

- Custom Pages: iconography, mood, colour, gender, etc. Comparisons, re-constructions, iconographic schematic explorations (drawings, block prints, etc.).
- My Gallery is a feature that allows the HAR visitor to add their favourite images in a private 'saved' gallery accessible each time they return to the HAR site.

- Testimonials: read and learn how others use the site and what they find useful and unique.