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The lists of numeric sets and number groupings below are only those that are found in relation to Himalayan style painting and sculpture and not to Buddhist or Bon religion in general.

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Knowing the number sets is the easiest method for learning and memorizing the different groups of teachers and students along with the combinations of deities and mandala configurations. Each tradition of Himalayan and Tibetan Buddhism has their own unique numeric groupings, a few are even titled with the same name. Some of the number sets are well known such as the Buddhas of the Three Times, the Sixteen Arhats, the Four Guardian Kings and the Eighty-four Mahasiddhas. Within various traditions unique number sets would only be known to those well immersed in the teachings and practices of that lineage.

Two Excellent Ones (Gunaprabha & Shakyaprabha)
Two Karmapas: Black Hat & Red Hat
Two Protectors Karmo and Dugyal
Two Protectors Red & Black (Begtse & Lhamo)
Two Protectors Red & Black (Nechung & Lhamo)
Two Red Ones (Sakya Pandita, Chogyal Pagpa)
Two, Sun and Moon

*A set of images depicting Groups of Three
Three; Abbot, Acharya, Dharma King
Three Bodhisattva Lords (Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara, Vajrapani)
Three Buddhas of Kriya Tantra (Shakyamuni, Akshobhya, Amitabha)
Three, Buddhas of the Three Times (Dipamkara, Shakyamuni, Maitreya)
Three Deities of the Bon: Walse, Lhago, Tsochog
Three Deities of the Shangpa Kagyu (Chakrasamvara, Vajrapani, Vajravidarana)
Three Deities of the Vajrapanjara: Bhutadamara, Prajnaparamita, Pratisara
Three Deity Adikalyana Mandala (Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara, Vajrapani)
Three Deity Panjarnata Mahakala (Panjarnata, Shri Devi, Ekajati)
Three Dharmachakra Kings (Songtsen Gampo, Trisongdetsen, Ralpachen)
Three, Father & Sons (Tsongkapa, Kedrub, Gyaltsab)
Three: Gorampa, Panchen Shakya Chogden, Tagtsang Lotsawa
Three Great Red Ones (Kurukulla, Takkiraja, Ganapati)
Three Kalachakra Deities of Profound Activity (Vishvamata, Garuda, Vajravega)
Three Kings (Tibetan Protector Deities - Gyalpo Sum)
Three Long-life Deities (Amitayus, White Tara, Ushnishavijaya)
Three Lord Manjushri (Sakya Pandita, Longchenpa, Tsongkapa)
Three Manjushri Embodiments (Kyentse, Kongtrul, Chogyur Lingpa)
Three Manjushri Embodiments (Kyentse, Kongtrul, Mipam)
Three; Marpa, Milarepa & Gampopa
Three Omniscient Father & Sons (Padmasambhava, Lonchenpa, Jigme Lingpa)
Three Orgyan Principal Figures (Padmasambhava, Mandarava, Yeshe Tsogyal)
Three Padmasambhavas: Outer, Inner & Secret
Three Protectors: Mi, Du, Tsen
Three Red Ones (Vajrayogini) (Naropa, Indrabhuti, Maitripa)
Three, Shakyamuni Buddha, Shariputra & Maudalyayana
Three Small Red Ones (Kurukulla-Tara, Red Vasudhara, Tinuma)
Three Siddhas; Luipa, Krishnacharya, Ghantapa (Chakrasamvara Traditions)
Three Supreme Emanations: Nyangral, Chowang, Godem
Three Symbols of Victory in the Fight Against Disharmony
Three Treasure Protectors (Ekajati, Dorje Legpa, Rahula)
Three White Long-life Deities (Amitayus, Tara, Ushnishavijaya)
Three White Ones (Sachen Kunga Nyingpo, Dragpa Gyaltsen, Sonam Tsemo)
Three Witches of Sakya (Mamo Rigkyi, Namkha Drolma, Shangmo)
Three Wrathful Ones Combined (Vajrapani, Hayagriva, Garuda)
Three Yellow Ones (Jambhala, Vasudhara, Vaishravana)
Three Zur Teachers (Zurchen, Zurchung, Zurmo)

Four Animals of Dignity
Four Continents & Mount Sumeru
Four Deathless Ones (Chime Yabse Shi)
Four Deities Combined (Shangpa Kagyu)
Four Deities of the Kadampa (Akshobhya, Avalokiteshvara, Tara, Achala)
Four Guardian Kings (Bon)
Four Guardian Kings (Buddhist)
Four Harmonious Brothers (Four Friends)
Four Transmissions of Hevajra (ka bab nam shi)
Four Transmissions of Mahakala (ka bab nam shi)
Four Schools of Tibetan Buddhism (Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyu, Gelugpa)
Four Section Wheel of Life
Four Transcendent Lords

Five Bonpo Families (Dru, Shu, Pa, Meu, Shen)
Five Consorts (Nyingma, Peaceful & Wrathful)
Five Deity Amoghapasha
Five Deity Arapachana Manjughosha Mandala
Five Deity Chakrasamvara Mandala
Five Deity Chanda Vajrapani
Five Deity Kartaridhara Vajra Mahakala Mandala
Five Deity Krodhini Mandala
Five Deity Kurukulla Mandala
Five Deity Mahakarunika Mandala
Five Deity Mahamaya
Five Deity Parnashavari
Five Deity Sherab Chamma
Five Deity Rakta Yamari Mandala
Five Deity Shakyamuni Mandala
Five Deity Simhamukha
Five Deity Simhanada Avalokiteshvara
Five Deity Vajravarahi Mandala
Five Early Kalachakra Teachers
Five Excellent Ones of the Se Fortress
Five Forms of Tsongkapa
Five Gods of the Five Sciences (Yewang Rignga)
Five Heart Sons of Padmasambhava
Five Kandros of the Elements (Magyu System)
Five Kings (Five Forms of Pehar)
Five Long-life Sisters (Tseringma Che Nga)
Five Major Sacred Places
Five Manjushri of Mount Wutai Shan
Five Personal Gods (Gowai Lha Nga)
Five Peaked Mountain of Manjushri (Wutai Shan)
Five Protector Goddesses (Pancha Raksha)
Five Qualities of Enjoyment
Five Realms of Existence
Five Section Wheel of Life
Five Sense Offerings
Five Sense Offering Goddesses
Five Superior Lords of Sakya
Five Terton Kings
Five Transcendent (or Symbolic) Buddhas

Six Buddhas of the Six Realms
Six Classes of Beings
Six Deity Rasmivimala Mandala
Six Deity Vimaloshnisha Mandala
Six Dharmas of Naropa Lineage
Six Guardians of the Six Realms (Dulwa Shen Drug)
Six Kandros of the Magyu Cycle (Bon)
Six Ornaments & Two Excellent Ones
Six Ornaments of Sakya
Six Realms of Existence
Six Section Wheel of Life
Six Signs of Long Life
Six Sipai Gyalmo Manifestations (Bon)
Six Teachers of Discipline (Dulwa Shen Drug)
Six Virupa Forms

Seven Accomplished Scholars
Seven Buddhas of this Age
Seven Gems
Seven Jewels of Royal Power
Seven Mandalas of Ngor
Seven Secondary Jewels
Seven Transmissions of Ngor
Seven Tsen Brothers (Tsiu Marpo)

Eight Auspicious Symbols (Eight Symbols of Good Fortune)
Eight Bodhisattva
Eight Bringers of Good Fortune
Eight Cemeteries
Eight Chamma Protecting From the Eight Fears
Eight Chariots of Spiritual Accomplishment
Eight Deity Panjarnata Mahakala
Eight Deity Sherab Chamma (Eight Fears)
Eight Deity Vajra Mahakala Mandala
Eight Disciples of Padmasambhava
Eight Forms of Padmasambhava
Eight Great Charnel Grounds
Eight Heruka (Pronouncement Deities)
Eight Mahasiddha
Eight Medicine Buddhas
Eight Offering Goddesses
Eight Panchen Lamas
Eight Wrathful Ones of the Gelugpa School
Eight Stupas
Eight Taras Removing the Eight Fears
Eight Vetala & Thirty-two Ayudha, Vajrabhairava Mandala
Eight Vidyadharas

Nine Animals that Fly in the Sky
Nine Animals that Live in Water
Nine Animals that Walk on Land
Nine Deity Akshobhya Mandala
Nine Deity Amitayus Mandala
Nine Deity Chandamaharoshana Mandala (Achala)
Nine Deity Hevajra Mandala
Nine Deity Jambhala (Yellow)
Nine Deity Jinasagara Mahakaruna Mandala
Nine Deity Krodha Atiguhya Hayagriva Mandala
Nine Deity Tattvardhachandra Mandala (Yangdag Tug)
Nine Deity Ushnishavijaya Mandala
Nine Deity White Tara (with consort) Mandala
Nine Enemy God Brothers (Dralha)
Nine Sengge (Drugpa Kagyu Teachers)
Nine Zhangzhung Sages

Ten Avatars of Vishnu
Ten: Buddhas of the Ten Directions
Ten Dzogchen Buddhas
Ten Deity Chakrasamvara Mandala
Ten Syllable Kalachakra Mantra
Ten Worldly Gods
Ten Wrathful Ones

Eleven Deity Achala
Eleven Stainless Lingpa

Twelve Deeds of the Buddha
Twelve Deity Vajra Mahakala Mandala
Twelve Dzogchen Buddhas
Twelve Mandalas of the Sarvadurgati Parishodhana Tantra
Twelve Manifestations of Padmasambhava
Twelve Protector Goddesses of Tibet
Twelve Protector Goddesses of Vajrakilaya
Twelve Ritual Deities

Thirteen Chamma
Thirteen Deity Avalokiteshvara (Mitra Gyatsa)
Thirteen Enemy Gods (Dralha)
Thirteen Deity Chakrasamvara Mandala
Thirteen Deity Jnana Mandala
Thirteen Deity Krishna Yamari Mandala
Thirteen Deity Krodha Manjushri Mandala
Thirteen Deity Rakta Yamari Mandala
Thirteen Deity Samvara Mandala
Thirteen Deity Samvarodaya Chakrasamvara Mandala
Thirteen Deity Sarasvati
Thirteen Deity Sugata Mandala (Nairatmya)
Thirteen Deity Vajrabhairava Mandala
Thirteen Deity Vishuddha Mandala (Eight Heruka, Yangdag)
Thirteen Golden Dharmas of Sakya

Fourteen Dalai Lamas
Fourteen Principal Deity Mahavidya Mandala

Fifteen Deity Vajra Nairatmya Mandala
Fifteen Deity Vidarana Mandala (Blue)

Sixteen Arhats
Sixteen Principal Deity Amoghapasha Mandala

Seventeen Deity Dundubhishvara Amitayus Mandala
Seventeen Deity Hayagriva
Seventeen Karmapas
Seventeen Principal Deity Sitatapatra Mandala
Seventeen Deity Vajra Mahakala Mandala
Seventeen Deity Vajra Tara Mandala
Seventeen Deity Vajrabhairava Mandala
Seventeen Deity Vajravarahi Mandala
Seventeen Great Scholars of Nalanda Monastery

Eighteen Deity Vajrapani Mahachakra Mandala

Nineteen Deity Guhyasamaja Lokeshvara Mandala
Nineteen Deity Guhyasamaja Manjuvajra Mandala
Nineteen Deity Vajrakilaya Mandala
Nineteen Deity Vidarana Mandala (White)

Twenty-one Deity Sanmukha Yamari Mandala
Twenty-one Deity Vajravarahi Mandala
Twenty-one Taras (Atisha System)
Twenty-one Taras (Chogyur Lingpa)
Twenty-one Taras (Longchenpa System)
Twenty-one Taras (Sadhana Samucchaya)
Twenty-one Taras (Suryagupta System)

Twenty-three Deity Chintamani Jagaddamara Mandala

Twenty-four Zhangzhung Masters

Twenty-five Deity Buddhakapala Mandala
Twenty-five Deity Manjuvajra Samvara Mandala
Twenty-five Deity Samaya Tara Mandala
Twenty-five Disciples of Padmasambhava
Twenty-five Deity Samaya Tara Vajrayogini Mandala
Twenty-five Shambhala Kings

Twenty-seven Deity Sitatapatra Mandala
Twenty-seven Meditational Deities (Situ Panchen System)

Twenty-nine Deity Sitatapatra (Mitra Gyatsa)

Thirty Deity Jnana Mahakala Mandala

Thirty-two Deity Ayudha, Ekantanayaka Vajrabhairava Mandala
Thirty-two Deity Guhyasamaja Akshobhyavajra Mandala

Thirty-three Celestial Bon Ritual Experts
Thirty-three Deity Amitayus Mandala

Thirty-four Jataka Tales

Thirty-five Buddhas of Confession

Thirty-seven Deity Avalokiteshvara Mandala (Thousand Arms)
Thirty-seven Deity Kharamukha Chakrasamvara Mandala
Thirty-seven Deity Mahavarahamukhi Mandala
Thirty-seven Deity Navoshnisha Shakyamuni Mandala
Thirty-seven Deity Sarvavid Vairochana Mandala
Thirty-seven Deity Vajradhatu Mandala (Samputa Tantra)
Thirty-seven Deity Vajrasattva Mandala (Samputa Tantra)
Thirty-seven Deity Vajrayogini Mandala

Forty-two Peaceful Deities of the Intermediate State

Forty-five Deity Chakrasamvara Avalokiteshvara Padmajala Mandala
Forty-five Peaceful Deities (Bon)

Forty-nine Deity Samkshipta Panchadaka Kula Hevajra Mandala
Forty-nine Deity Vajrabhairava Mandala

Fifty-one Deity Bhaishajyaguru Mandala (Medicine Buddha)
Fifty-one Deity Vajrasattva Krodha Chakrasamvara Mandala

Fifty-six Deity Pancha Raksha Devi Mandala

Fifty-seven Deity Samkshiptakula Guyaka Manjushri Mandala

Fifty-eight Wrathful Deities of the Intermediate State

Sixty-two Deity Chakrasamvara Mandala
Sixty-two Deity Raudra Samvara Mandala (100,000 Hands)
Sixty-two Deity Vajradaka Chakrasamvara Mandala

Seventy-one Deity Shatchakravarti Samvara Mandala

Seventy-three Deity Mahasamvara Kalachakra Mandala

Seventy-five Deity Krishna Krodha Vidarana Mandala
Seventy-five Deity Vidarana Mandala
Seventy-five Lords of Pure Lineage (Shadbhuja Mahakala Retinue)

Seventy-seven Deity Paramadya Vajrasattva Mandala
Seventy-seven Deity Yogambara Mandala

Eighty-four Mahasiddha (Abhayadatta)
Eighty-four Mahasiddha (Vajrasana)

Eighty-six Wrathful Deities (Bon)

One Hundred
One Hundred Deities of the Intermediate State
One Hundred Jataka Tales
One Hundred Methods of Accomplishment of Bari Lotsawa

One Hundred & Eight
One Hundred & Eight Avadana Stories

One Hundred & Twenty-one
One Hundred & Twenty-one Chorten (Stupa) of the Bon Religion

One Hundred & Twenty-two
One Hundred & Twenty-two Deity Vairochana Mandala

One Hundred & Thirty-five
One Hundred & Thirty-five Samgrhitakula Buddhasamayoga Mandala

Two Hundred & Nineteen
Two Hundred & Nineteen Deity Dharmadhatu Vagishvara Manjushri Mandala

Two Hundred & Fifty
Two Hundred & Fifty Deity Sangpo Bumtri
Two Hundred & Fifty Deity Shenlha Okar
Two Hundred & Fifty Deity Sherab Chamma
Two Hundred & Fifty Deity Tonpa Shenrab

Three Hundred
Three Hundred Icons (Mongolia)

Three Hundred & Nineteen
Three Hundred & Nineteen Deity Paramadya Samkshiptakula Mandala

Six Hundred & Thirty-four
634 Deity Kaya Vak Chitta Parinishpanna Kalachakra Mandala

One Thousand
1000 Buddhas of a Buddhist Aeon
1000 Sanggye of the Bon

One Thousand & Thirty-seven
1,037 Deity Vajradhatu Mandala
1,037 Deity Trailokyavijaya Mandala

One Thousand Two Hundred & Twenty-seven
1,227 Deity Vajrashekhara Samkshiptakula Mandala

One Thousand Five Hundred
1500 Deity Dvadashatmaka Dakarnavachakra Mandala

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