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Sarasvati in Tantric Buddhism is a meditational deity appearing as a goddess of literature, poetry and wisdom. She can have many different forms, but predominantly white or red. In her white forms she is generally a goddess or wisdom and learning. In her red forms she is a power deity. She is also sometimes depicted as the consort of Manjushri.

Sarasvati has a number of wrathful forms related to the Vajrabhairava and the Yamari cycle of deities which are not directly associated with wisdom, composition, or eloquence.

Sarasvati Profile:
Identity: Individual deity (not an emanation)
Tantra Class: Kriya Tantra, Anuttarayoga Tantra
Source Text: Siddhaikavira Tantra, Krishna Yamari Tantra, others
Function/activity: wisdom producing, power (at-times)
Metaphor: variable

Special Characteristics:
Appearance: peaceful, semi-peaceful semi wrathful, wrathful
Colour: Red, Black, White, Blue
Attributes: jewel-studded vina
Consort: Manjushri
Mount: Goose, Variable

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