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Subject: Power Deities List

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Power Deities:
- Avalokiteshvara, Red (several forms)
- Ganapati, Red (several forms)
- Hayagriva, Red (several forms)
- Jambhala, Red (1. Traba Ngonshe, 2. Sakya)
- Kurukulla, Red (several forms)
- Lha Chenpo (Shiva), Red
- Manjushri, Red (several forms)
- Marichi, Red (several forms)
- Takkiraja, Red
- Tara, Red (several forms)
- Tinuma Devi, Red
- Sarasvati, Red (1. Krishna Yamari, 2. Sakya, 3. Bodong)
- Vasudhara, Red
- Others...

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Common Groups:
- The Three Great Red Ones
- The Three Small Red Ones

(Hayagriva is commonly classified as a wrathful activities deity and a meditational deity. Sometimes he is treated as a power deity. Marichi in her various red forms is commonly treated as a power deity although she principally removes and prevents obstacles).

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