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Subject: Number Sets - Most Common

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There are hundreds and maybe thousands of different number sets. Many of these are very specific to individual traditions, or monasteries, while others are just obscure. The list below contains the most well known and common number sets.

Video: Number Sets (Most Common)

Common Number Sets:
- Buddhas of the Three Times
- Three Lords of the World
- Four Guardian Kings
- Five Direction Buddhas (of a mandala)
- Six Ornaments & Two Excellent Ones
- Eight Fears Tara
- Eight Medicine Buddha Brothers
- Eight Great Bodhisattva
- Eight Forms of Padmasambhava
- Shakyamuni Buddha & the Sixteen Elders
- Twenty-one Taras
- Padmasambhava & Twenty-five Disciples
- Thirty-five Confession Buddhas
- Eighty-four Mahasiddhas

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