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Main Attributes:
- Vase
- Mirror
- Yungdrung

Sherab Chamma (Tibetan: shes rab byams ma): Sherab Chamma is the principal meditational form of Satrig Ersang of the Four Transcendent Lords. As Sherab Chamma (Loving Mother of Wisdom) she can appear either as a single subject in a painting or can have numerous surrounding attendant figures.

Description & Attributes: Peaceful in appearance and either yellow, orange or white in colour, Sherab Chamma has one face and two hands. The right hand typically holds a vase to the heart, or the lower right side, and the left a mirror in the upraised left hand. Sometimes the attributes are reversed (HAR #85557, #200029).

Posture: She sits in either a meditation posture or a relaxed posture with the right leg extended and the left drawn in. There are two known visual depictions of Sherab Chamma in a standing posture, one is a painting and the other a sculpture (HAR #77189, #85747). Early textual references are also found that describe the standing figure. Observing the images in the HAR database twelve (12) figures are seated in meditation posture, four (4) are in a relaxed posture and two (2) are either standing or dancing. Figures seated in meditation posture: HAR #57333, #65397, #66762, #70117, #73117, #78402, #81493, #81619, #85519, #85535, #85581, #200029. Figures seated in a relaxed posture: HAR #73116, #85548, #85557, #200009.

Attribute Variations: Two images depict her with a yungdrung either on the right side or in the right hand and a vase at the left side (HAR #81619, #200009).

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