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The Shamarpa incarnation lineage dates back to the year 1283 when Rangjung Dorje, the 3rd Karmapa, presented his principal disciple, Kedrub Dragpa Sengge, with a red hat identical in shape to his own black hat. The title Shamarpa, means 'Holder of the Red Hat'. The seat of the Shamarpas is Yangpa Chen Monastery just north of Tsurpu Monastery, seat of the Karmapas. The Shamarpa incarnation lineage was banned by the Tibetan government of Lhasa after 1792 and the death of the 10th Shamar. An 11th Shamar was born as the son of the 15th Karmapa and the 16th Karmapa officially recognized the 12th Shamar, Mipam Chokyi Lodro.

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