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List of Shamarpa Incarnations:
1st Shamar, Dragpa Sengge (1283-1349) Biographical details
2nd Shamar, Kacho Wangpo (1350-1405) Biographical details
3rd Shamar, Chopal Yeshe (1406-1452) Biographical details
4th Shamar, Chodrag Yeshe (1453-1524) Biographical details
5th Shamar, Konchog Yanlag (1525-1583) Biographical details
6th Shamar, Chokyi Wangchug (1584-1630) Biographical details
7th Shamar, Yeshe Nyingpo (1631-1694) Biographical details
8th Shamar, Palchen Chokyi (1695-1732) Biographical details
9th Shamar, Konchog Gewai Jungne (1733-1740) Biographical details
10th Shamar, Chodrub Gyatso (1741/42-1792) Biographical details
11th Shamar, Jamyang Rinpoche (1892-1946) Biographical details
12th Shamar, Mipam Chokyi Lodro (1952-2014) Biographical details

- Shamar (Unidentified Figures)

red hat of the Shamar lamas is unique in Tibetan Buddhism and patterned on the black hat of the Karmapas. The cloud pattern on the right and left side almost always trails to the back. The ornament on the front is either a three jewel emblem or a five jewel emblem (the latter reminiscent of a double vajra). For sculpture a simple diamond shape is also common for Shamarpa, Karmapa, Tai Situ and Gyaltsab. Observing 20 images, both painting and sculpture, of the Shamarpa on the HAR site - 3 have a simple diamond emblem, 6 have a three jewel emblem and 10 have a five jewel emblem, and one has a double vajra emblem.

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