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Subject: Seven Jewels of Royal Power


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--- Sculpture
--- Initiation Cards
--- Examples as Offerings in Paintings
- Seven Jewels Silk Banner
- Figures (British Museum)
- Karling Shitro
- Number Sets: Miscellaneous
- Peaceful Offerings
- Confusions: Eight Auspicious Symbols
- Others...

Video: Seven Jewels of Royal Power

Seven Jewels of Royal Power:
1. Wheel
2. Jewel (atop the elephant)
3. Queen
4. Minister
5. Elephant
6. Horse
7. General

The Seven Jewels of Royal Power are included in two important categories of subjects. They are included in the Number Sets and all things that are seven. They are also included under offerings and more specifically under peaceful offerings.

Jeff Watt [updated 4-2020, 2-2021]

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