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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Drums
- Teachers with Drums
- Damarupa
- Ghantapa
- Machig Labdron
- Maitripa
- Mitra Yogin
- Padampa Sanggye
- Shri Heruka
- Yudronma, Dorje
- Viraya
- Others...

Types of Drums:
- Double-sided hand drum, oval shape (damaru)
- Double-sided hand drum, round shape and large (damaru)
- Double-sided drum, wood support staff handle with a single curved stick
- Double-sided drum mounted in a wooden frame
- Others...

A collection of paintings and sculpture depicting the use of drums in Himalayan and Tibetan art. Many of the depictions are as secondary images or in narrative vignettes - look closely.

The Indian mahasiddhas Damarupa, Maitripa and Mitra Yogin typically hold a double sided drum in the right hand.

The Stockholm set of paintings depicting the life-story of Milarepa has many narrative scenes containing the large Tibetan drum. (HAR #60061, 60062, 60064, 60065, 60066, 60067, 60072, 60073, 60079).

Paintings from the set known as the Khon Family Lineage are filled with small narrative vignettes of Tibetan religious dance and drumming.

The Tibetan Buddhist worldly protector deity Dorje Yudronma typically holds a large drum and striker.

Shri Heruka, from the group of the Eight Pronouncement Heruka of the early Nyingma Tradition, holds a large drum with a long wooden handle in the upper proper right hand (viewer's left side).

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