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Subject: Teachers Holding Drums

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Teachers with Drums:
- Damarupa
- Ghantapa
- Machig Labdron
- Maitripa
- Mitra Yogin
- Niguma
- Padampa Sanggye
- Rwa Chorab
- Viraya
- Unidentified
- Others...

- Teachers That Hold A Drum
- Female Teachers Holding Drums

A number of Indian, Himalayan and Tibetan teachers hold a double-sided drum (damaru) in the upraised right hand. The Indian mahasiddhas Damarupa, Maitripa, Viraya, Padampa Sanggye and Mitra Yogin typically hold a double sided drum in the right hand and are often confused one for the other.

The teachers Niguma and Machig Labron can appear in a similar appearance which can lead to confusion. A number of female deities such as Dechen Gyalmo, Buddha Dakini and Dorje Yudronma also hold a hand drum and can be easily confused outside of a contextual identification.

Jeff Watt 4-2017

(The images below are miscellaneous compositions and a selection of examples from the links above).