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"Seeing the excellent meaning of reality,
By releasing from worldly practice
And remaining in the conduct of accomplishment;
To Damarupa I bow." (Chogyal Pagpa).

The mahasiddha Damarupa (the Drummer) was a student of Kanha (the Black One) who in turn was a student of Virupa (Ugly One). Damarupa was famous for carrying a double sided hand drum where ever he went and is said to have visited the twenty-four sacred tantric power places and the thirty-four sacred grounds. He subdued a non-Buddhist King and stopped the sacrifice of animals in the kingdom. The king took up Buddhism, renounced his kingdom and practiced a path free from extremes and became known as Avadhutipa. As the mahasiddha Avadhutipa, the former king transmitted the Margapala (Path Together with the Result) teachings to the Pandita Gayadhara.

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