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Subject: Pilgrimage Souvenir Paintings (Newar Merchants)

Pilgrimage Art (Paintings)

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Art as commodity was somewhat known in Tibet for the last several hundred years with paintings produced in advance for sale to pilgrims and traders traveling to Tibet from India, Nepal, China and Mongolia. In Tibet the market places of Lhasa and Shigatse appear to be the primary sources for such paintings and objects of general consumption.

Pilgrimage paintings directed towards the Nepalese travelers and traders are generally identified by a black border with a Nepalese or Newar inscription at the bottom of the composition. The inscription almost always includes a date, the name of the donor and the individual or special purpose of dedication. (The images here are only a quick selection of paintings. Some of the images have been cropped and do not show the bottom portion with inscription or plain black strip awaiting an inscription and dedication).

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